They beat me to it! (Vaccines don’t cause autism)

All along my goal has been to educate others about just how awesome vaccinations are.  They are safe. They are effective.  They are not to blame for a host of problems in children.  Oh, the papers I was going to cite in support of this fact:  vaccines don’t autism.

But they beat me to it!  A recent article in the journal VACCINE has conclusively determined vaccines do not cause autism.  The authors performed a meta-analysis — a method for combining study data from several studies into a single conclusion with greater statistical power — of different studies assessing the relationship between vaccine administration and the development of autism.  Guess what? No relationship.

159  studies  were reviewed in the meta-analysis that included any studies that looked at either MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccination, cumulative mercury or cumulative thimerosal (a mercury containing preservative) dosage from vaccinations.   The conclusion: “no increased risk of developing autism or ASD (autism spectrum disorder) following MMR, Hg (mercury) or thimerosal exposure.”

This should be a huge blow to the vaccines-cause-autism theorists out there.  But will it be?  Its unlikely that the most vocal opponents of vaccines will give this study any heed. They will work to refute it as they have every other study that has ever come out showing a lack of any relationship between vaccines and autism.   There’s an awful lot of money and fame tied up with convincing people that vaccines are dangerous.

Consider all the organizations and celebrities who have promulgated this idea for years and years.   What a waste of time and money and energy chasing a false theory. Think of the amazing discoveries into the true causes of autism that may have been missed because resources have been poured into blaming vaccines for autism? Even worse,  consider just how many children have not been vaccinated because of this false fear?

To continue to assert that vaccines cause autism is not just irresponsible.  It’s unethical.






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