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Science is Science is Science. Presidential Hopefuls, This One’s For You.


Vaccines don’t cause autism. They never have.   Study after study after study confirms this fact.

Vaccines have saved countless lives but have not caused autism. Spacing vaccines out does not prevent autism. There is absolutely no science behind any proposed “alternative schedule.” It’s made up out of thin air.

Now I understand if your local parenting club wants to debate about whether Johnny’s most recent vaccines caused his 3 sleepless nights, or whether Susie’s teeth looked crooked after her measles vaccine.  And even though there is no basis for it, you can sit around and talk about vaccines and autism too. Have at it. It’s a conversation subject. And unless, your local club is advocating non-vaccination altogether, its is a relatively harmless conversation at that.  We don’t all need a firm grasp on reality and a solid understanding of medicine and science to play on the swings, right?

On the other hand, if you are a politician running for the highest office in the land, you have to have some basic grasp of reality. You have to be able to distinguish fact from fiction.  It is important that you understand when something is based on scientific evidence and when it is not. And you need to be able to trust medical professionals when they tell you when to fear something and when not to fear something.  Remember Chris Christie’s Ebola mess? When you are running a city, a state, a country — you have got to have the common sense to listen to people who are better educated than you on matters relating to the health of the people of your country. That makes you a good leader.

It’s an embarrassment that we have people running for President of the United States who just refuse to believe that vaccines don’t cause autism. They just don’t. But this is not an issue for debate. It’s been debated by people with backgrounds in medical and scientific research for decades and these highly educated, highly skilled people are telling you there is no connection. So why, oh why, would you guys (and lady) who are not vaccine researchers or autism researchers or any other kind of related researcher start debating this subject? You don’t sound smart. You sound misinformed.  And if you don’t understand the basic science of vaccines and how they work (and what they do and don’t do), then how can we can trust you in the midst of an outbreak or epidemic? If we have a president who firmly believes that vaccination needs to be voluntary, and that parents can do as they wish with their child’s life, then what will that president do in the midst of an epidemic?.  What if some nutcase gets a hold of  a deadly disease and releases it into New York City?  Will Rand Paul just sit back and watch Americans die of some scourge in the name of freedom?

Debates are great. Debate all you want about things that are truly in issue.  Private v. public prisons? Fine.  More government spending on jobs v. less government spending on jobs? Debate away. But whether vaccines cause autism? That’s not up for debate anymore.



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