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Shots for School!


It’s back to school time.  Whether you are happy about sending the kiddos off to school again, or you are weeping about the end of summer, here we go again. While each state is different, many states require immunizations before your child can be enrolled in public or private school.  There are also many new immunization requirements in different states that you should be aware of so that you can make sure your children are appropriately protected and able to attend class. Unfortunately, figuring out what vaccines are required for which students can be intimidating.

To help navigate the confusion surrounding the varying requirements, I’ve created a new up-to-date spreadsheet linked below.  You can click on each state name to reach the current requirements for your state and there are additional links where states have posted other documents relating to immunization for college.

As with anything you find on the web, there may be errors in this spreadsheet and you should always double check the requirements for your state with your local school and/or physician.  And remember, while the law may not require your child to have certain shots for college, your particular college might. So pay attention to enrollment requirements.

Shots State by State

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